History In Bridlington

There is a lot of History in Bridlington so be on the lookout for these interesting places.

Rolling Stones  appeared at the Royal Hall on May 2nd, 1964 see side menu to read more

David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust at Bridlington spa 28th June 1973) See the side menu to read more

T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) was stationed in Bridlington up to 1935, he stayed at the Ozone Hotel, which is now the Royal Yorkshire Yacht Club, Rags Restaurant is where he used to be stationed there is also a sundial with a plaque dedicated to him. Read more in the side menu.

Charlotte Bronte, one of the worlds greatest author and part of the Bronte family stayed in Bridlington it was her first glimpse of the Sea, and she used this memory in her books, She also stayed at Garrison Square in Bridlington See more in the side menu

David Hockney OM has a home in Bridlington, one of this country’s successful artists and the greatest living Artist gets most inspiration from going to the Wolds and painting the beauty there, he has had many exhibitions worldwide with his Art, his exhibition A Bigger Picture was sold out well in advance of opening they had to have late openings at the Tate. Read more of David Hockney in the side menu Links

Wallace Henry Hartley, is the Band leader who with his orchestra played while the RMS Titanic sank in 1912 he spent several years at the Bridlington Spa, look out for the Plaque on the wall of the Spa more details in the side menu

Herman Darewski was musical director at Bridlington Spa 1924 – 1926 and 1933 – 1939 there is a plaque on the outside wall of the Bridlington spa to honour this Musical Maestro you can read more in the link in the side menu

A. E.  Matthews was a famous film star and comedy performer with hundreds of films, There is a plaque on the side of the B & Q warehouse in Bridlington dedicated to him, check out more in the side menu

Bridlington is well known as a Fishing port, and location for the Dad’s Army movie Released in 2016, and numerous other Television and Film productions have taken place here in Bridlington, So when walking around just look where you are and you may notice Familiar places from TV and Film.

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