Bridlington Landtrain


Bridlington Landtrain

Be transported up and down the North and South Promenade  and along the top to Sewerby,
The Train runs approximately every 30 minutes  Picks up North side-Sewerby Lime Kiln Lane & Leisure World south side From the Spa to the Park & Ride

The North Beach Landtrain runs from Leisure World to Sewerby Hall

The South Beach Landtrain runs from Bridlington Spa to the Park and Ride

Land train Prices

Description One Station

Two Station

Four Station

Per Person




Family Of 4




Family Of 5




Ride All Day



Per Person

Under 3s




The tickets can be purchased from the Estate Office
For further information regarding the cliff-top train please contact the Bridlington Spa Foreshores Office. Books of tickets are also available from the Sewerby Estate Office Phone number (01262) 678255 estate Office (01262) 673769


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