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Bridlington Skatepark

Bridlington skatepark was designed and built by Gravity and opened in 2010. It is a large concrete skatepark that can be found in Duke’s Park and mainly features transitions with a few street elements thrown into the mix.

The skatepark starts on one side with a large bowl with metal coping around the edges that are set at differing heights. The bowl is divided in two by a long hip through the middle and there is a hipped corner opposite it as well. The rest of the skatepark feature two open sided bowls that a linked on the sides with a spine and opposite these are two large pyramids with hubbas and a ledge between them and a flat bank with rail as well.

Bridlington skatepark is a great local spot with some great transitions and lots of bumps and corners to pump around. The layout has been well designed to make good use of the space available and the surfaces are smooth making it a good place for beginners and experienced skaters alike.

Opening Times : Subject to opening and closing times


Bridlington Skatepark

Dukes Park
Moorfield Road
East Riding of Yorkshire
YO16 4JU
Phone 07955 910843

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